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Porcelain dental ingots furnace for press

Porcelain dental ingots furnace for press



Electric cylinder Precise temperature control Updated user-friendly operation system with a touchscreen.


Product Introduction:

Porcelain dental ingots  furnace for press is The intelligent Programat with infrared technology speeds up the firing process up to 25 per cent and enhances the firing results. The size or the number of restorations in the firing chamber is irrelevant. The new thermal imaging camera automatically controls the predrying and closing process.Electric cylinder Precise temperature control Updated user-friendly operation system with a touchscreen.Belonging to a type of porcelain press furnace.


The velocity of temperature increasing: 200℃/min max.(392°F /minute)
The max temperature: 1200℃ max(2283°F)
The time which can be kept at the max temperature: 2 H Vacuum level:1-101%

Porcelain dental ingots  furnace for press


Operation range:100-120V 50/60HZ      230V 50/60HZ
Electric current:14.5ampere@110V    7.0ampere@230V
Power:max 1500w


WXDXH :width 27cm Depth 36cm Height 70cm
Usable measure (firing chamber)::9cm(3.5”)

Porcelain dental ingots furnace for press

Porcelain dental ingots furnace for press


  • Indoor use
  • Ambient temperature: 2°C to 40°C
  • Relative humidity 80% at 31°C
  • Maximum altitude: 1500 m (Special Model:3500m)
  • Rated voltage fluctuations must not exceed plus/minus 10% of the rated voltage


  • 1PHOENIX furnace.pressed.
  • 1 firing pan
  • 1 connection cable for the mains power supply
  • 1 furnace tweezers
  • 1 Tongs
  • 2 Press rod
  • 1 Embedding ring 100g
  • 1 Cooling rack

Porcelain Dental Ingots furnace safety and cleaning:

  1. Porcelain furnace PRESS is use for firing ceramic materials of teeth.
  2. The device must be put at least 25-30cm away from the wall.Be assure that the Porcelain furnace PRESS must be under normal ventilation environment.
  3. The sockets must be put near the power source.The instrument board behind must be connected firmly.
  4. Do not operate near by inflammable.
  5. Please use dry or a little wet cloth clean the surface of the Porcelain furnace PRESS.Do not use solvent or other liquid cleaner to purify the control panel.Please do not let the liquid seep into the Porcelain furnace PRESS.
  6. Damages caused by mis-operation can not be included in warranty scope.
  7. In order to the best work environment,we suggest you use a exclusive circuit. The socket use an overload resistant protector would be best.The three-phase circuit must have a dedicated line for a reliable grounding wire.
  8. Before any maintenance,you must plug off from the electrical socket .
  9. In order to avoid any accident of serious scald,please use proper instrument to put in or move the objects .
  10. Do not use nippers or other instrument to operate the furnace,these instruments may damage the screen or the membrane.
  11. The firing deck is a movable (up or down)part.The to-and-fro motion is controlled by the program.
  12. The inner place of the furnace include fireproof cera mic-fiber and porcelain dust,these may be released by the movement of opening.Once these materials are inhaled by human,it may cause cancer.The dust can irritate the skin and eyes,cause the respiratory tract hoarse or fester.Do not use condense air blow the dust into the work environment.


Porcelain dental ingots  furnace for press



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